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The Seed of Self-Rulers

by: Johnny Mannaz The Seed-of-Self represents a person’s elemental core. To "know thy SELF" is to understand the simplified nature of this seed. To do this we must answer the questions: “what properties does this seed contain, what does this seed want to become?” To...

40-Day New Neurology Challenge

by: Johnny Mannaz The Quest for something new is a quest for Life itself. Without new experiences, life becomes just a re-run and soon succumbs to the weight of stagnation. However, with each NEW experience a person has, there is a correlating growth of new neural...

Endings and Beginnings – A Ritual of Initiation

by: Johnny Mannaz The first question Initiation teaches a person to consider is "where does one thing end and another begin?" We often hear how, "all things are One." But while that's true at the very highest level, it's the kind of truth that must be kept distinct...

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