The Seed of Self-Rulers

IMG_6811by: Johnny Mannaz

The Seed-of-Self represents a person’s elemental core.

To “know thy SELF” is to understand the simplified nature of this seed.

To do this we must answer the questions: “what properties does this seed contain, what does this seed want to become?”

To “become thy SELF” is to perform the ritual of cultivating this seed.

To do this we must answer the questions: “in what environment will this seed grow best, what will be required to complete the process of its development, from seed to harvest?”

Before a person holds the purified essence of this seed in their hand, they must first rid themselves of preconceptions. It is these layers of preconditioned influences that, in the beginning, surround the Seed-of-Self, muddling a person’s understanding of their deeper nature.

We want to avoid superimposing foreign influences on our native Self, and so this outer rind, that represents the multiple masks of the True Self, must be peeled back.

The socialization process, externally imposed upon the Individual from early age, makes developing an acceptable social mask, or persona, a necessity.

The purpose of this mask is to hide the True Self.

However, when a person asks themselves questions aimed at deciphering their True Will, it is (more often than not) this false face that mechanically echoes back the persona’s preprogrammed message.

This is to be expected. It’s the very purpose of this mask to veil certain aspects of a person’s True Nature. But remember, the persona is one’s own creation.

Without this mask, the Individual knows their Seed-of-Self would be at the mercy of constant external criticisms and judgements, exposed and undefended.

The mask of persona is conceived out of necessity – that of preventing others from apprehending who we truly are, or what we’re truly up to. This naturally arises whenever there exists an established social order capable of punishing an Individual’s actions and/or expressions.

The problem is that (too often) the mask deceives the one who wears it- the True Will gets routed by the intricate design of the persona.

They fall for their own mask, eventually mistaking it for the real thing. They fail to see through their own camouflage, they’re blinded by their own smokescreen, bluffed by their own bluff.

This is why it’s necessary for a person to hone down the layers of social conditioning that veil their True Self. The 40-Day New Neurology Challenge was designed to begin that process by sheering away the outer layer of habit and routine that disguise original impulses.

This ritual of purification is also a process of simplification.

The process of Self-Discovery is about understanding the multiple mask of “True Self.”

People often confuse their “SELF” with their mind’s everyday thoughts and utterances.

As vague impulses become clear intentions, and personal complexities become simple truths, the elements that constitute the “core of who you are” (Seed-of-Self) emerge from the unconscious depths of the psyche.

The Seed-of-Self represents the core of a person’s conscious existence. It is an expression of a person’s innermost aspiration, their “will-to-become.”

The growth of this seed represents the expression of that value in real terms.

It is by the light of the Sun Within, that this seed develops.

The Sun Within, our symbolic solar force of consciousness, shines outward as an expression of the Individual’s WILL.

It is, indeed, this solar force that’s the animating life behind an Individual’s deepest motivations, interests, abilities, and life goals.

It’s when the light of this Sun becomes reflected in the Individuals actions, that they begin expressing the unique archetype that their innermost nature truly represents.

To achieve this the Individual must first understand their Seed-of-Self. This can be achieved through a deep investigation of the personal symbols one has identified with throughout life.

The Seed-of-Self phase of initiation is about following and interpreting the thread of connection between the symbols/ideas that surround and support a person’s deepest conception of themselves.

The purpose of this in-depth investigation is to illuminate the chief objective of one’s consciousness – their True Will.

This Core is your Seed-of-Self, properly cultivated it will thrive, bloom, and in time, produce the fruit.

However, in order to give this Seed-of-Self what it needs to fully develop, it is first necessary for us to understand those needs, and that requires knowing something about this seed’s inherent nature.

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