Perspective Based Consulting

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A consultation service that puts the client in the role of King/Sovereign of their world. This experience is aimed at assisting the client to develop a Sovereign perspective.

Perspective-based Consultation is about expanding the clients point of view, helping them to see their current life situation from the powerful vantage point of the “Sovereign Perspective.”

First consultations will include a general assessment of the Individual’s Crown, Throne, and Kingdom, the three metaphors which will be used as touch points to provide the client with an overview of their current life situation.


The Format

The format is based on the tradition of the King’s Counsel chamber. This represents a time set aside for deliberation so that the client can make more informed and effective decisions.

Basic topics in the client’s first consultation will include the current state of their Crown, Throne, and Kingdom, terms which will act as metaphors for particular aspects of the client’s life.

The discussion during the consultation is not framed as “advice” but rather is intended to provide the client with a time and space for cultivating an “elevated perspective,” one intended to help the client make more effective decisions and commit themselves to actions more aligned with their core purpose.

This perspective may be cultivated by: posing useful questions for the client to consider, bringing valuable information to the clients awareness, referencing historical examples as analogies to the clients own situation, or suggesting subjects of study related to the clients situation that could help them to develop some necessary knowledge or skill base.

For obvious reasons, consultations can not and must not be construed as coming in the form of any kind of health or legal advice.

Perspective-based consultation is designed to offer a unique approach, involving a bit of imagination and role-playing on the part of the client.

The success of the consultation will be dependent on the client’s ability to enter into a state of focused awareness, to identify and align their actions with Core Objectives and to deliberate on various options for the purpose of making more informed and effective decisions.

Because of this method’s innovative nature it may be best to consider it as a form of therapeutic role-playing with the intention of having a real world value.


General Perspective-Based Consultations are $165 and include both the consultation itself and an email correspondence. This correspondence includes an email from Johnny Mannaz outlining the simple metaphors of the Crown, Throne, and Kingdom which will form part of the client’s first consultation.

After the appointment for the Perspective-Based Consultation is made, but before the appointment itself, the client will be asked to send a brief email with a few clear, concise paragraphs describing their current state of mind or situation.

The client should finalize this paragraph with a very brief (ideally one or two line) statement describing their desired outcome or objective. The purpose of this will be to have some rough outline for deliberation on the table when “entering the chamber.” This will assist the client’s process of unfoldment by having a clear objective.

General consultations will be scheduled for approximately 1 hour in length, divided into three phases of roughly 20 minutes each. The first 20 minutes will be used for discovery (essentially going over and getting familiar with the “items on the table,”) followed by 20 minutes of deliberation during which the client surveys the possible choices involved, then completed by a summary phase during which the client will be encouraged to consider what decisions need to be made and what actions this decision may require.

After laying these first foundations, future consultations can proceed from this already established base.

The client is asked to keep in mind that the consultation is intended to be a focused period of time, as well as an enjoyable experience. The client is asked to be willing to enter into a “Sovereign MindState” during the consultation, which will mean looking at their life through the lens of a “Self-Ruler.”

One of the many benefits of this experience is that it gives the client a rare opportunity to survey their “kingdom” from an elevated perspective, accessing what it needs and laying the foundations of an effective plan of action.

These aren’t the kind of moments that most average people get to have. The experience of Perspective-based consultation is designed to assist the client in cultivating an elevated perspective of their lives, a way of viewing the world that is generally reserved for the “elite.”